What Will You Defend

by Vessel

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It has taken it’s toll on me
My body is weak
I’ll never look at you the same
I can’t take back what you took from me
I’ll never be the same
You took my freedom, you took my pride
Long ago you crossed the line

It took me by surprise, Am I still reeling from it?

Tell me (Yeah!! Yeah!!) who is my enemy
So what’s your game, my hypocrite
(Yeah!! Yeah!!)
Who I’m supposed to be
So what’s your game, my hypocrite

It didn’t mean to startle me
A wasted moment of my life
Once again I can only watch my innocence die
Stuck to the act of your parade
The wall is marching down
The green men seem to disagree
So let them free

It took me by surprise, Am I still reeling from it? (We’ll let them free)


So what’s your reason?
Behind this stand
The wall to defend your hypocrisy
Let me tell you what we think we are to you
We’re regrets, we’re rejects, we’re covered by our blood and tears and sweat
Do you think that we should let you win?
(We’re here to make our stand)
To break you down
Even all our hopes are broken

Tell me
Who I’m supposed to be?


released July 10, 2014
Words and Music by Lee Eng Kim Md Hakim, Nabeel Harith, Imran Bustaman, Syazwan Ahmad, Shaun Leow & Marlon Ingle
C. 2014



all rights reserved


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